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Tattooed Lullaby (Drabble)

Title: Tattooed lullaby
Pairing: Qmi (Broken) It kills me writing broken QMi
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Angst
Summary: It wasn't meant to turn out like this, everything he wrote, every emotion that he tore from his heart and laced with a symphony of music notes was only something he was supposed to see.

A/N I have probably been forgotten, I am so sorry I haven't wrote in such a long time and I know I have chaptered fics to update and i will get around to doing it!
I know its know excuse but I have had writers block and I am now working 5 days a week.
But This is just something that popped in to my head and I needed to write.
I hope you like it
I still love you all!
Comments are greatly loved, even if it is to yell at me for just disappearing for a while.

(Just a song i listened to as i wrote this drabble)

It wasn't meant to turn out like this, everything he wrote, every emotion that he tore from his heart and laced with a symphony of music notes was only something he was supposed to see.

They were his feelings, they didn't belong to anyone else; he didn't want to share them with millions of people, he didn't want his heartbreak leaving another persons lips except his own.

What he wrote was something that only he would sing to himself as a lullaby as he went to cold and somewhat distant bed at night.
Every night he forced himself to sleep singing his heartbreak, the excruciating pain that ached his frail body to the core was some what comforting. It let him know that yes he had loved. He had loved with his whole being, his body, his lips, his hands, his soul ....

But tonight was different, the painstaking music that he had tattooed into his veins had been sought out by his manager and he was determined to make a bit of cash out of it.

Zhou Mi had begged and pleaded that he would write another song, a better one! but the manager wasn't having any of it.
"This is some of the best stuff you have ever written, you owe it to your fans; How did you create such feeling in this song?"

Zhou Mi could never tell him that the wounds of heartbreak were still fresh, still raw...still bleeding as they spoke.

It wasn't mean to turn out like this, the dark purple haze of lights seemed to elegantly dance around him. The shimmer of the paintent black stage was his.
The faint sounds of the piano slowly filling the stage.

There he stood stock still, his head slightly lowered as he didn't dare to look past the first row of the gaping audience. Zhou Mi knew if he looked further back he would see him. See with his arms wrapped around his perfect new life.

He didn't want to be there....but there he was...just standing. Unable to move.

The only way he could possibly get through it was to imagine that he was back in his bed, singing himself to sleep once again.
He could feel the heat from the lights on his face but he couldn't look, it was oh so painful, the cheers he heard as he sang with soul, however to him he looked past the cheers and he could feel him staring back at him.

"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead..."

Zhou Mi felt the overwhelming urge to open his eyes there and then and so he did so .
There he was, standing solemnly just staring at him. As Zhou Mi sang he noticed the faint glitter of tears sliding down his face; however as Zhou Mi had thought earlier, there was in fact no one to dry his tears. He was on his own just watching

For that was all they felt they could do now.
Just watch as their lives moved on from one another.

"I wish nothing but the best for you"

Tags: drabble: tattooed lullaby, member: kyuhyun, member: zhou mi

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