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Natural first impressons

Title: Natural First impressions
Ratings: NC17
Pairing: Kangin/ Iliana
Summary: New School, New student. How do you wish your first day of school went?

A/N This is personal fic for Iliana who in turn wrote me a brilliant Kangin het fic! and I hope this isn't rubbish and I haven't let her down.

The the rumours had been flooding around the school for over a week, someone had been told by there friend who knew someone who had overheard a teacher talking to another member of staff about how they were expecting a transfer student from over seas in less than a week.

"I wonder if it is a hot a guy" said one girl
"I wonder how they will cope here?" Asked a guy.

Everyday the students harassed their teachers, wanting to know even the tiniest of details about their new 'prey' the count down was nearing, there was a day left before the new transfer student entered the school. The school was rife with anticipation.

Even more so for the new transfer student.


Iliana had transferred from California just a few weeks prior to her starting her new school, her father had gotten a job in the American embassy and so her mother had decided instead of hardly seeing her father that they would move with him.

"Mom! Why did you send me to the school with the most awkward uniforms" she stamped her foot as she started to tie the tie around her neck for what seemed like the 50th time that morning.

Her uniform consisted of a white blouse with a navy blue pleated skirt and a matching navy blazer with white trim.
"I look like I belong in some freaking drama" She sighed as she started to pull on the black knee high socks her mother had placed in her bed that morning.

"Darling, you look adorable" her mom cooed.
"mmm" she mumbled as she looked at herself in the mirror, smoothing her hair for the last time.
"I will be fine, you listen to the music don't you?" her mom said as she stood behind her admiring her daughter.
"I may listen to the music but I am not going to walk around school for the rest of the year singing am I?" she huffed picking up her bag as he gave her mom one last kiss on the cheek before leaving.

As she walked down the street, all she could think of was that she felt like lamb going into the lions den. She had watched a couple of drama's and noticed how the new kid always got it in the neck every time.
She hoped more than ever her new life wasn't like drama's .


Kangin had woken up that morning to a phone call from his best friend Leeteuk "Kangin-ah, I am showing that new kid student around today what should I wear?" the elder sounded panicked down the phone.
"Ergh I dunno...your uniform maybe?" He said groggily down the phone

Kangin heard his friend sigh down the phone "ohh forget it, any ways get your lazy ass out of bed, we got school in less than half an hour"

The younger grunted and put the phone down hauling himself out of bed and into the shower, Kangin didn't see the fuss of a new student, he didn't get wrapped up in the hype.
It was just another day to him.

He pulled on his black jeans, and a black V neck T shirt and place his white shirt over it leaving it unbuttoned. He grabbed his blazer on the way out the door with his bag.


As she got nearer to the school Iliana wanted nothing more than to run to the airport, hop on a flight and be back in the Californian sun with her friends.
She noticed how the day was bitterly cold and the fact that she was wearing a skirt wasn't make it any better.
She wrapped her arms around herself creating what seemed like a barrier of warmth between her chest and arms.
She laughed thinking that it was probably the only warm thing she was going to feel today.

Iliana turned the corner and realised she was standing outside the school gates, the wrought iron sign slighted rusted due to the weather read the school name, she remembered studying the name the night before because she didn't want to turn up at the wrong school by accident.

"Here goes" She muttered as passed through the gates, she stopped and looked at the view before her, students everywhere, some in groups talking unbelievably fast, some sitting under a tree's reading books; some greeting each other. The feeling of being able to fit in seemed very unlikely but she was going to try anyway.


Kangin stood leaning against against the tree as he watched Leeteuk smooth his hair down "How do I look?"
"What is up with you?" Leeteuk asked noting the youngers foul mood.
"I was up all night studying for the history test and all people keep talking about his this student, It is annoying" He said leaning the his head on the elders.
"The student's only care because the girl is from overseas's , they are excited" Leeteuk explained.

Kangin couldn't help but notice Leeteuk calling the transfer student a girl "Girl?"
"Yeah, I got told yesterday"
The school was had it's fair share of girls, however Kangin didn't find himself physically attracted to them, they were all the same, only cared about their looks or had an obsession with pairing him off with his best friend Leeteuk. Kangin loved Leeteuk but he had to explain now and again that it was only as a friend. He could see girls form tears in his eyes as he explained it.

"Ahh there she is " Leeteuk exclaimed, making Kangin forget his thought train.

Kangin followed Leeteuk's eye line and that was when he saw her.
He long toned legs that seemed endless, her curvaceous body was something to die for, her long silky brown hair falling just over her shoulders.

Kangin could help but stare at her, to him she was beautiful and sexy and he hadn't even asked her name yet, He then noticed Leeteuk walking towards her...

He had to be a good friend and help his friend out...right?


Iliana was just about to head inside the building when she saw two guys heading her way. One with fair hair quickly thrust his hand into hers "Hello, My name is Leeteuk"
She noticed his english was slightly broken but she concluded her Korean wasn't much better".
"Hi, My name is Iliana" she said pulling her hand back a little after noting his hand shake was pretty strong.
"This is my friend Kangin" Iliana looked at the taller male standing behind him, she couldn't help but gaze at his broad chest, the black V neck he was wearing provided an excellent view to the smooth expanse of his chest, she noticed how his dark chocolate eyes provided a smile even when his mouth didn't.
His smooth pale skin made her heart skip a beat.

"Hi" she said shakily as she tried to tear her eyes away from him and back to the smaller male in front of her.
No one had ever had that effect on her, not since she broke up with her boyfriend back in the states because he was a total ass.

"I have your schedule here and I believe you have your first class with Kangin; so he will look after you and then you will have me in your next class okay?" Iliana took her schedule, not really taking any interest, All she really understood was that her first class was with Kangin and she had an hour with him....
Suddenly the new school didn't seem so bad.


Leeteuk hadn't told Kangin about his first class with the new student, but he wasn't exactly mad at him, upclose he noted how her eyes were almost feline like with rich chocolate pools located in them and her skin was flawless with a rich caramel tint. He had never seen such a beautiful girl like this in his life.

"Uh" He mumbled nervously "We should get going to class" He automatically held out his hand for some reason and his mind scream "Take it back you dork!" but what surprised him more was that she actually took his hand.

Other students began to stare at them, but Kangin didn't actually care, he never interacted with many of them anyway. He had his group of friends and that was all really cared about.
"When is your birthday?" He felt stupid as soon as the words fell from his mouth but if he was honest he was still shocked that she was holding his hand willingly and they just met ten minute prior.

"Erm September eighteenth, yours?"
"January seventeenth" He bit his lip wondering what to say next.
"Wow so you are a Capricorn, I am Virgo, we are meant to get on well"


She couldn't help but be a natural flirt when it came to him, she tried to think before she opened her mouth but she was just a naturally flirtatious, she was a confident person she didn't need to act shy in front of men.
She bit her lip in anticipation, wondering what the next hour would bring.

As they entered the classroom, she notice Kangin let go of her hand warily, but it didn't bother her, she knew they had to let go at some point.
He led her towards the teacher before he took his seat at the back of the classroom.

"You must be Iliana, I am your teacher for this lesson, I took the liberty of having everything for this lesson translated in English for you, as of course I cannot teach in English properly. Hopefully for the next lesson we will be able to sort something out properly for you" He handed her booklet entitled "World War 2"

"If you want you can read this whilst I teach and don't worry I won't ask you any questions today" She nodded taking the booklet and looking around for a place to sit, worrying in case she took someone elses.

"Iliana, Mr Kim doesn't have anyone who sit's next to him, you can sit with him as you seem to know each other" Iliana nodded and took her place at the back of the class room, she felt slightly better at the fact that people might not notice her as much if she sat at the back.

She place the booklet on the table, she watched as Kangin picked it up and started to flip through it.
"My English isn't that good I am afraid, but I am sure you can help me now you are here" A slight smile spread across his face and Iliana notice how he bit his lip when he looked at her, It had only been a short while but the way he looked at her was sending shivers down her body. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair as she felt slight tingle below.

He was the most attractive man she had ever seen, and undoubtedly he was turning her on my looking at him, As the class began to file she looked out of the window imagining Kangin just throwing her over desk and stripping her in a heat passion.
She knew it was all based on looks at the moment in time, but his personality didn't seem to bad either.


When the class had quietened down, Kangin looked over Iliana as she was studying, he watched she would run her hand through her hair as read each paragraph and how she chewed her highlighter pen after she re read what she had highlighted.
Her soft plump lips wrapping around the pen didn't stop the filthy images taking place his mind. In his mind he was mapping out her neck , which places he would kiss, which places he would nibble and suck. Making her cry out his name.

His trousers became excruciatingly tight just thinking about how her skin would flush in the heat.

He felt something tug at his hand, he looked down to see a note had been pushed under his hand.

"Does the library have books on the world war? :)"

"Yeah, but they are in Korean"

Maybe you could help me translate a little section ....pleaseeee"

"heh...Sure cutie"

In the space of an hour, he had truly become wrapped up in the hype of the new student, but not in the way the other students had become.
He was amazed by how different she was, How she had a natural sexiness that oozed out of her but it wasn't over done. It wasn't forced it just seemed to intrigue him more.

As the lesson ended he helped her pack her things away "Do you want to go to he library now?"
"Yes please, I should get a head start on this If I have any hope of catching up" she laughed.
"Okay lets go" Kangin lead the way to the library, both of them walking at a quickened pace hoping to avoid the crowds.

Kangin noted how the library seemed a little more quiet than usual and equally just as sparse, he walked over to the receptionist "Excuse me, Do you have any books on the world war?"
The librarian didn't even look from her computer screen as she pointed in to the corner of the library.

"Ah, over this way" He whispered to Iliana
The history section was actually at the back of the library, Kangin laughed at how cliché the whole thing seemed. Walking with a hot girl to the back of the library.


Iliana placed her bag on table that was situated in the middle of the aisle and proceeded to look at the books along the shelf. She was just looking at the pictures hoping they would give her any hint of what the book was mainly about.
She saw one with a grey cover with a picture of helmet with a bullet hole through it.
She then went to pull it out, however she was stopped by his hand just above her own, she looked to the left and saw Kangin grinning as he pushed the book back with his own hand "Uniform's through the years"

His face was inches away from hers, his hand still touching hers, Iliana felt the heat radiating through her. She felt him lean in close to her his breath mingling with her own.
She wasn't new to this kind of thing, she wasn't a slut by all means. She had had a boyfriend for a over two years back in the states. So of course she had done stuff.

But it still felt different to her, more exciting. She only met Kangin earlier that morning but she couldn't help it. She felt her body urging her on practically begging her to do it.
His lips were on hers, the softness still remained in the urgency; she felt his tongue swipe her bottom lip, sucking it as he made her gasp.
His tongue found it's way in to her mouth massaging her own, Iliana thought how he tasted so sweet, it was an addicting taste. She felt his hands wrap around her waist pulling her closer, one hand sliding over her bottom and squeezing playfully. She gasped once more this time pressing her body harder against his.

She began to grind slowly on him letting him know they she didn't want him to stop, he slipped a hand under her top rubbing gently.
"Kangin" She moaned quietly against his lips, he took her moan as an invitation to place flighty kisses along her neck, tasting a hint of vanilla on her skin. She felt his tongue tease her collarbone before biting down on it and suck roughly. Her body bucked involuntary but she didn't want him stop.

Her fingers danced down his stomach and rested on the button of his jeans; she slowly popped the button and dragged the zip over his obvious bulge.
"fuck~" He grunted as she slipped her hand into his boxers and grasping his painful arousal.
"God you are so big" She giggled as she slowly began pumping him, her nails digging into the slit. He bucked in her hand.
"Oh god" he whined, Iliana kissed him one more time before sliding down his body she looked around to check if anyone was near before engulfing his huge cock, her cheeks hollowed and she sucked leisurely, her tongue flat against the base before slowly dragging it up to the tip. She repeated the motion massaging her hand over it as she sucked.
He began slowly fucking her mouth, He had somehow become even harder in her mouth.

He pulled her away, he then placed his hands on her hips one more time and lifted her up on the table. Kangin then pushed her legs apart, he began to kiss the inside of her thighs nipping and sucking leaving pinkish bruises. Her fingers carding through his hair, someone what pulling his face closer to her arousal.
She was so wet and she needed to be touched.

Kangin kissed her panties, pressing his tongue against the clothes "Oh fuck" she raised her hips pushing his tongue further.
Kangin had had enough of the cotton obstruction and he pushed it aside, letting his tongue taste her sweet juices, Running his tongue her clit before pushing it inside again. He trust his tongue repeatedly, her clawing at his back for more.

He gave one last hard suck before pulling away, his lips glistened with her arousal. Kangin pulled her pants down just enough so it they didn't get in his way.
He position himself in front of her before sliding in slowly, she whined in want. Iliana wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed herself to the edge of the table taking him in deeper.
They seemed so lost in each other, time didn't really occur at that moment in time.
He pistoned himself in and out of her. Her moans becoming a tad louder he each time.
"God you are so fucking tight" He gripped her hips pounding in to her relentlessly. He then slipped his hand just above his cock, pressing his thumb against her clit.

Iliana gripped his shoulders as she felt herself coming undone, This was the best she had ever had. and she couldn't believe it was in the school library.
"Oh my god, I am gonna cum" She wrapped her legs around his waisted and tightened around him, He felt a flush heat cover his dick. It sent his pleasure to a new height as he thrust in to her one last time before cumming hard inside her. He bucked a few more times riding out the wave of his orgasm.

He pulled his boxers and trousers up and then helped her clean up "Is this how you welcome all the new students?" she giggled

"Only the ones who are as gorgeous as you, and trust me You are the only gorgeous one I see" He kissed her once more "Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Iliana bit her lip as she thought about it. "Of course"

"Hey Honey, how was school? Were the other student's welcoming?" her mother called as she walked through the door.

"She smiled to herself "Yeah...really welcoming"

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