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For The Love Of Another

Title: For The Love Of Another
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jonghyun/Onew
Summary: There is love between strangers and then there is a love which had a special bond, a bond of blood running through it.

Warning! Incest

He hated how everything inside him screamed the truth, but he had to keep it to himself; he couldn't let it slip past his lips. It could ruin his life as well as the people around him.

Ever since they were young boy's who found comfort playing with each other because the others kid's at school didn't really want to hang out with boys who love to sing.
"singing is for girls? are you girls?"
Jinki was definitely not girl, "Girls smelled really bad" he would often say to his cousin Jonghyun. Jonghyun always agreed, nodding his head adamantly "Yeah girls smell of poo"

As they got older they became inseparable, they both went through the same trials of and tribulations as a teenager and who better to talk to about it.
Jinki felt like he and Jonghyun could conquer the world, they were two boys who just wanted to get out of the silly little town they were bought up in.
They didn't belong there, they often thought about working and living a big city with sky scrapers scarring the sky, where the people didn't hang about for anyone. They could do anything they wanted.

They often talked about getting a flat together so they live how they wanted without their mothers telling them it was too late to be outside.

Jinki thought they would of been the best of friends forever.

However Jinki never thought about Jonghyun fancying his next door neighbour.
"Some girl" Jinki knew her as, he didn't really want to get on first name basis with the girl that could ruin his plans of moving to another city with Jonghyun.

"Jinki she is so hot! I mean god her body is like...just wow" Jonghyun sat practically tripping over his tongue as he stared out the window looking at the said girl.
Being the older out of the two cousins Jinki never always found it strange he was never attracted to girls, so when Jonghyun started asking him what he thought he didn't know how to react.
He tilted his head to the side as he looked the girl up and down, he saw she was sat on a swing tied to the branch of a tree.

"Nothing special" Jinki let slip without realising. He quickly shut his mouth and chose to lie down on the younger s bed covering his eyes not wanting to receive any kind of look Jonghyun.

As Jonghyun stood by the window he let out a light laugh "Ahh so you know someone better huh?"
"Not really" he said out loud but in his head all he could hear was Shut the fuck up Jinki!

Jonghyun laughed at the elder, he knew he had something on his mind and when he tried to keep it in it didn't really work, So Jonghyun decided to sit on a fluffy beanbag that was in the corner of the room so he could watch the whole saga unfold.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"
"What are you talking about, there is nothing wrong" Jinki felt like he was sweating buckets, there was something wrong but Jinki didn't really understand what it was, so how could he tell anyone?

"Jinki I have known you for years, I know something is wrong"
"You were never one for observation skills Jjong" Jinki laughed at the statement because it was true, Jonghyun's concentration level's in their classes was at an all time low, and he never noticed the whole class giggling as he hummed a tune what he thought was in his head but actually he was humming it out loud.

"That is harsh Jinki-poo's" Jinki rolled his eyes as he would never be shot of that awful nickname that his mother called him when she wanted him to do something for her.

"Look, I am gonna head home, Umma want's me to run a few errands for her"
Jonghyun nodded and stood up ready to walk Jinki to the door as he always did "Okay, tell aunty I said hello will you"

Jinki turned to say one last goodbye but he noticed Jonghyun staring at the girl who was on the tire swing, his teeth sinking in to his bottom lip.
Jinki could tell he was thinking of something, but he didn't really want to imagine the unpleasent scene in his head, especially as he felt a sort of heavy feeling in the pit of stomach.

Jinki just walked out with Jonghyun really noticing.


As soon as Jinki got home, he head straight up to his room completly ignoring the questions about food from his mother.
He closed his bedroom door and threw himself on his bed, the thought of Jonghyun with a girl was something that was hurting him more than it should of.

Jonghyun was his cousin, which meant family, which meant his mother and Jonghyun's mother were related. Relations were off limits, you weren't meant to think about them in any other way except them being family and friends, like Jinki and Jonghyun were.

But it didn't stop Jinki slipping his hand down his trousers and grasping his painfully hard member and pumping himself to completion at the thought of Jonghyun straddling him on his bed and kissing him senseless, his pink plump lips nipping gently at his bottom lip and his hand snaked between the elders legs and leisurely stroking him, whispering seductively in his ear.
"I know you want this" Jinki said a loud to himself rasping as he imagined Jonghyun moaning it against his lips.

Jinki came for the second time in the space of ten minutes, the feeling of pure disgust washing over him; It hadn't been the first time he thought of Jonghyun in that way but each time he came he always wanted it to be the last but he knew he would stick his hand down trouser once again the night after.

He thought of staying away from him, but they had been inseparable for years, he would surely notice.
The situation seemed hopeless and even more so when he felt a soft vibration in the pocket of jeans.
He took his phone out to see a message in capital letters.


It was then Jinki realised that he couldn't keep something like this to himself, the secret felt like it would end up killing him and maybe, if he told Jonghyun he would be able to move on.
No matter how much is head was screaming to "sit the fuck back down" and "Are crazy he will think you are some kind of freak" Jinki found his legs carrying him to the front door and his mouth telling his mother he would be back later.

It didn't take him long to find himself at the front door of Jonghyun's once again but this soaking wet as the rain began to pour on his way over.
He knocked on the door and waited, praying someone was in to answer.

Jinki noticed his Aunty opening the door, he felt even more sick after seeing it was her answering the door.
"Jinki-ah, what are you doing here? You are soaked?" the older woman clearly puzzled with his presence late in the evening.
"I am sorry to trouble you Aunty, I left my phone in Jonghyun's bedroom" he pushed his phone further in to his pocket hoping she wouldn't see.

She stepped aside and and let him in "I still can't get over how strapping my two favorite have become, such handsome young men" she gleamed.

Jinki smiled and bowed before bounding straight upstairs.

It was now or never, he knocked on his bedroom door, he didn't have to wait long before Jonghyun opened the door with a look of confusion across his face. "What are you doing here Jinks?"

"I need to talk to you" Jinki said nibbling his bottom lip, he didn't know where to start.

"Ahh" Jonghyun said leaning against the wall "I knew there was something wrong"

Jinki sat on the younger's bed where he sat just a few hours before, but this time with his head in heads and his heart practically jumping out of his chest "I don't even know where to start, you could hate me, I don't want to lose our friendship and ...gahh I just don't know" Jink whined, he knew he made a mistake going to Jonghyun's but he really couldn't keep to himself for the rest of his life, the excruciating torment that would play on his mind day after day mocking him as him and Jonghyun grew older

Jonghyun crouched down in front of him "Jinks, you are my best friend as well as my family; I could never hate you"

Jinki hated the word family, it ruined everything; tears began to slide down his cheeks, everything seemed to be getting on top of him

"Hey, Don't cry you know you can tell me anyth...."
"I can't stop thinking about you" As soon as the words fell from Jinki's lips he just wanted to get the hell out of there.
But he couldn't....he was trapped.

Jinki didn't want to wait for a reaction, he couldn't take the hate.

Jonghyun was stunned by the confession, but even though he was stunned he didn't want to run away,; he should of felt weird and disgusted and he should of told Jinki to get the hell out of his house and never comeback ...but he couldn't.

Jonghyun realising he hadn't said anything tried to form a sentence but it came out in a series of "Umm and erm..."

Jinki just felt incredibly stupid " I am just going to go, I am sorry"

"No wait..don't go?" Jonghyun mumbled quickly

"I think it's best if..." Jinki didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as Jonghyun quickly pressed his lips to his, Jinki was surprised by the sudden action.
Jonghyun's lips felt so soft compared to his and they seemed to have a sweet taste. He had imagined the scene before, hell ...he had jerked off to it but he never thought it would happen, they were family.

Jinki was the first to pull away "We can't do this Jjong" Jinki had wanted to taste his lips once more but he knew it was wrong.
"Then why did come over and tell me that you couldn't stop thinking about me" Jonghyun quizzed.

"I don't know, maybe to be able to actually stop thinking about you, It doesn't make sense I know but we are family this can't happen" Jinki pleaded as much as body was doing the opposite.

"Don't you think I know it's wrong?!?" Jonghyun's voice began to rise "Don't you think I know that I should be kicking you out my house? I can't Jinki, because... my heart won't let me"
Jinki noticed Jonghyun bite his soft plump lips as Jonghyun looked in to his eyes and then to his lips.

"Jjong we can't" However Jinki should of known that the younger never listened to him, the younger had pushed him against the wall this time kissing him roughly, but Jinki couldn't bring himself to fight it. He let his tongue found it's way in to his mouth sucking roughly on the elders. Jinki couldn't stop himself moaning as he felt the younger place his hand under his thigh and lift his leg around his waist so he could feel both of their bulges rubbing together.
"Ahh Jonghyun" Jinki whispered breathlessly into the others mouths.

Jinki lifted his other leg and wrapped them both around him, Jonghyun began trailing kisses down the column of his neck as his hands gripped the elders ass.
"Jinks, I need you so bad right now, let me...please just this once" the younger whispered in his ear.

Jinki couldn't fathom that Jonghyun was now the one who wanted to be with him, it should of been him begging and not Jonghyun.
"Oh god...yes" Jinki couldn't string a sentence together even if he tried, Jonghyun began to grind his arousal on to the other.

Jinki felt the younger squeezing his ass roughly causing him to beg for more, it was then Jonghyun stopped his ministrations and carried the him to the bed and climb on top of him as he stripped out of his t shirt.

Jinki had seen him topless many of times but this was a different situations, Jonghyun was now moving between his legs rubbing Jinki's evident bulge, he wasn't just going in the shower after playing basketball.

Jinki began to card his fingers through the younger's hair as he pulled his trousers down along with his boxers.
Jonghyun pressed his tongue against the base of his cock,
Ah ...stop teasing..please" Jinki bucked his hips in desperation. Jonghyun knew he couldn't let the teasing go on for longer. . He rolled his tongue over the leaking member and then engulfed it. The sensation drove Jinki crazy he wanted more.

"Suck me harder" he grabbed at the bedsheets. Jonghyun cheeks hollowed whilst he ran his tongue along the slit. Jinki bucked once more hitting him in the back ofthe throat causing him to gag.

As Jonghyun wretched a little it sent vibrations down Jinki's cock, he couldn't last much longer.
Jonghyun pulled away with a slight pop.
He moved up Jinki's body and pulled his T shirt off him and kissed him once again, Jinki could taste of hint of himself but it didn't bother him.

"Spread your legs" Jonghyun growled.

Jinki did as he was told, Jonghyun let his hand slide down the elders smooth skin before gently pushing a finger inside of him.
A slight burning sensation caused Jinki a little discomfort but he gathered it would get much worse so he shouldn't really moan about it.
Jonghyun began moving the finger in and out.
"More" Jinki found himself crying out for more, as he did so he felt another finger sliding in, it hurt a little more but he still found it pleasurable.
Jonghyun watched himself as he worked two fingers in him, making him grip the bedsheets.

Jonghyun didn't think he could see a sexier and more enticing sight ever again, the fact the Jinki's body was glistening was sweat and his cheeks had become a shade of red added to it.
"Fuck" Jonghyun spat.

"Please, oh my god just please I need more" Jinki arched as he felt Jonghyun's two fingers hit the spot.

It didn't take Jonghyun long to realise that he could pleasure Jinki more with his dick,
He lined himself up positioning against his entrance. "This might hurt a little"
"I don't care, I just need you in me~" Jinki whined.

Jonghyun slowly eased himself in, the tightness was over whelming; the heat the surrounded him was immense "Oh god, you feel so good" Jonghyun grunted.
He felt dizzy with lust.

Jonghyun thrust deep within him
"Faster...please" Jonghyun was more than willing to comply with Jinki and picked up speed as he thrust continuously in to his Hyung hitting the spot each and everytime . Jinki grabbed at his neglected length and began to pump in time with each thrust.

"yes..fuck yes!" Jinki cried out Jonghyun pounded into him mercilessly, this was everything Jinki had imagine; this was what he dreamed out most nights and now it was actually happening to him.

Jonghyun found his spot again and again, Jinki felt himself coming undone and with one finally pump he came all over his stomach.
As Jonghyun felt Jinki tighten around him he lost all senses and came hard inside of him.

They had been inseparable for years, and after this, they both knew that deep down they would never be able to resist each other again.

They both laid their breathless "Jjong..."

"Move away with me" Jinki stuttered.

It was obvious if they stayed in the small town they were born and raised in, their secret wouldn't be a secret for long. Some one would find out and it wouldn't be long before both of them became outcasts.

"wait" Jinki laughed "I don't even know if you want to be with me" Jinki didn't know why he was laughing at such an awkward time, it really wasn't a laughing matter at all.

Jonghyun sighed and then turned to face him "Jinks...what have we just done?"
"No..we have just made love, Of course I want to be with you and yes...I think we should move away together" Jonghyun pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. "It is now or never"

There was an eery silence and only heartbeats could be heard.
They were to going to live a taboo lifestyle but they had each other.

Jonghyun was his cousin, which meant family, which meant his mother and Jonghyun's mother were related. Relations were off limits, you weren't meant to think about them in any other way except them being family and friends.

Like Jonghyun and Jinki were


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