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Title: Titanic- The Untold story (prologue)
Rating: R- May vary each chapter.
Pairing: Certain pairings will come through each chapter.
Summary: Everyone knows the story of the infamous unsinkable ship the Titanic and everyone seems to know the Hollywood version about the epic love story…but do you know the version when 15 individual men boarded the vessel on April 10th 1912...

Titanic , the untold story

a/n: I have posted a prologue to see what you think, if you hate it I won’t carry on with it.
Please please comment and tell me what you think.

"Can you spare the time to listen to them? Let them be heard just this once? "

Title: The Different Side
Rating: PG 13- NC17
Genre: Generally angst
Summary: Sungmin‘s night went form bad to worse, maybe getting away would be best? But then again…things do have a tendancy to creep up on you.


Status: Incomplete

Title: You Had Me At Hello
Rating: NC17
Pairing: QMI
Genre: Smut
Summary: Kyuhyun didn't intentionally choose watching a call in porn channel over studying, but he can't forget the Hubei Whore whose voice was liquid gold to him... Mimi…

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Status: Incomplete

Title: Running On Empty Hope
Pairing(s): Go bay part, this part:SiHan
Rating: R
Summary: After a call in the early hours of the morning to get back to coroner's, DI Choi Siwon is given the case of murdered high school student, Lee Hyukjae. The three main suspects for the youth's murder, Park Jungsu, Kim Youngwoon and Kim Ryeowook have vanished before Siwon could begin questioning. Just who did kill Lee Hyukjae and what was their motive?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Status: Incomplete

Title: So Scandalous
Rating: PG- NC17
Genre: Fluff and some smut really
Summary: There is a mysterious blogger in the Super Junior dorms and they don't know who it is. Do you?


Part 1-Leeteuk

Part 2-Heechul

Part 3-Hankyung

Part 4-Yesung

Part 5-Kangin

Part 6-Shindong

Part 7-Sungmin

Part 8-EunHyuk

Part 9-Donghae

Part 10-Siwon

Part 11-Ryeowook

Part 12-Kibum

Part 13-Kyuhyun

Title: The Mystery Behind The Eyes
Pairing: KangHae
Rating: PG15
Summery: Kangin could feel something there...but what?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4- FINAL

Title: Something About Books and Not Judging
Pairing: YeWook
Rating: PG13
Summery: A valuable lesson needed to be learned.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3- FINAL

Title: Private Island
Pairing: KangWook
Rating: G
Summery: Youngwoon Just wanted to do something special for him.

Psst Wake up!

Title: 2:45am
Pairing: KangTeuk
Rating: PG13
Summery: Leeteuk cannot concentrate without him there.

Something just wasn't right

Title: The Boy Next Door
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: G
Summery: They couldn't stop thinking about each other

Hyung, if he catches you staring at him he might call the police

Title: All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Pairing: KiHae
Rating: NC17
Summery: Donghae had waited for so long, he could wait a little longer

He bit down on his lip as he let his eyes caress every mucle

Title: Behind The Mask
Pairing: BoomTeuk
Rating: NC17
Summery: Behind close doors it was different.

They thought they were indestructable

Title: Midsummers Morning Daydream
Pairing: HenHae
Rating: NC17
Summery: It's too hot in the classroom and Donghae and Henry are thinking about other things... Things that aren't school work ;)

At least I knew one person

(A/N) This is part of a joint fic I did with oatmeal_peril It can be read as a stand alone or joint.

Title: If Only They Knew
Pairing: KangMin
Rating: NC17
Summery: On the outside they seemed so cold and distant but on an Intimate note...

They Both Knew it wasn't to be a customary day


Title: Forbidden fruit - The everlasting temptation
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: NC17
Title: The temptation was there, he couldn’t hold back any longer.
Warning!: Gender Switch (Girl Min) Sex and another warning. But you will have to read it to find out what the other warning is.

Young teacher, the subject of school girl fantasy

Title: I Don't Know How To Stop Thinking About Him
Pairing: KangTeuk, (friendship: EunTeuk, 2woon) Ninja: EunHae YeWook
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff this is like seriously fluffy. This is the fluffiest thing I have written in a while
Summary: How could this all happen after one stupid argument. If only they could see each other. What would they say?

I should be happy, but all I do is cry

Title: Honey Got A Booty Like Wow Oh Wow!
Pairing: YeWook Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yesung couldn't stand it he had to have it.
Warning: Pure smut!

I can tell you when our next performance is going to be.

Title: Forgiven
Pairing: KangSung/ 2woon
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yesung had noticed the difference, he couldn’t understand why everything had changed. Why couldn’t everything be back the way it was
Warning!: Okay there is a warning for this, I don’t really wanna give it away why I am infact warning people about this. But please just take heed if you decided to read this fic.

He wanted it to feel how it used to feel.

Title: A Side Order Of Love
Pairing: KangTeuk
Rating: G
Genre: Crack and Fluff hopefully
Summary:Leeteuk doesn't get a lot of time to himself, let alone with Kangin, what with 11 others to care for.
So when he organises a romatic eveing with Kangin, starting with a special dinner, what could possibly go wrong?

The perfect night.

Title: Risky Business Drabble
Rating: G
Genre: Crack
Pairing HenWook
Summary: What do Henry and Ryeowook get up to whilst Henry's parents are away??

Take your jeans off

Title: Bongo Brothers
Pairing Eunhae
Rating: G
Genre: Crack
Summary: Donghae wanted to play.

Hyukkie I want to play!

Title: The Sheep’s Clothing That Covered the Wolf
Pairing: SiChul
Rating: R
Summary Everything was as it should be. He went to work everyday being the model citizen and the model preacher. But sometimes the preaching went a bit too far.

Warning! There is some torture and death in this.

"Are you ready to repent?"

Title: Blood Lust
Pairing: KyuMin, EunMin, SiMin , YeMin
Summary: Was sex really the way to cure his insomnia? Maybe not as Sungmin’s problems lie way deeper than that…..
Warning!: Okay there is a bit of insanity, sex, some horror depending on what you find scary.

"It was an uncontrollable sickness"

Title: Infatuation
Pairing: SiHan
Summary: Who knew that in the ever winding streets of Seoul there was a place like this. So out of place that it actually fit in without anybody recognising it..

"It was an uncontrollable sickness"

Title: He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me
Pairing: KyuMin, Qmi, SiMin
Rating: R
Genre: Angsty/ Mild Crack believe it or Not
Summary: Sungmin had enough of one messed up relationship and he didn’t want it again.

""Aww Sungmin, Stop playing hard to get" Zhou Mi giggled"
Tags: genre: angst, genre: crack, genre: fluff, genre: smut, member: donghae, member: eunhyuk, member: han geng, member: heechul, member: henry, member: kangin, member: kibum, member: kyuhyun, member: leeteuk, member: ryeowook, member: shindong, member: siwon, member: sungmin, member: yesung, member: zhou mi

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