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Officially F-Locked


So here is the dealio After months of umm-ing and Ahh-ing I have decided to F-lock my journal.

My Incomplete chaptered fics with remain open untill I have completed them and my One shot's will remain open for 3 days after posted and then I will lock them.

If you want to add me as a friend, just comment below stating why.
I won't add back unless you have commented on some of my work . I know it's a little ocd but sorry.

I am sorry to be a pain in the arse but I finally decided it is necassary to now.

Tattooed Lullaby (Drabble)

Title: Tattooed lullaby
Pairing: Qmi (Broken) It kills me writing broken QMi
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Angst
Summary: It wasn't meant to turn out like this, everything he wrote, every emotion that he tore from his heart and laced with a symphony of music notes was only something he was supposed to see.

A/N I have probably been forgotten, I am so sorry I haven't wrote in such a long time and I know I have chaptered fics to update and i will get around to doing it!
I know its know excuse but I have had writers block and I am now working 5 days a week.
But This is just something that popped in to my head and I needed to write.
I hope you like it
I still love you all!
Comments are greatly loved, even if it is to yell at me for just disappearing for a while.

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Natural first impressons

Title: Natural First impressions
Ratings: NC17
Pairing: Kangin/ Iliana
Summary: New School, New student. How do you wish your first day of school went?

A/N This is personal fic for Iliana who in turn wrote me a brilliant Kangin het fic! and I hope this isn't rubbish and I haven't let her down.

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Kangin's wheezy laugh


I have decided to advertise my tumblr as I am using it a lot more lately.

Especially as I am finding more and more international (I'm going international..) heh...
Kangin fans.
Which I would love to find more of.


So there it is :D
Sexy Teukie

For The Love Of Another

Title: For The Love Of Another
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jonghyun/Onew
Summary: There is love between strangers and then there is a love which had a special bond, a bond of blood running through it.

Warning! Incest

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